How to Retire Your Grazing Permit/Lease for Compensation

Voluntary grazing permit/lease buyout provides federal grazing permittees and lessees the option to waive their grazing permits or leases to the appropriate managing agency in exchange for compensation; upon payment, the government cancels the permit/lease and closes the associated grazing allotment(s) to commercial livestock grazing.

The National Public Lands Grazing Campaign is devoting significant resources to pursue opportunities to enact legislation in the United States Congress to authorize site-specific voluntary grazing permit buyout programs. These opportunities usually develop from a shared goal among conservationists and ranchers to retire grazing permit(s)/leases(s) in a particular area, effective communication and cooperation among key interest groups, and hard-nosed dedication to pass permit buyout legislation in Congress.

The linked guide below describes the local organizing and political processes that are necessary to enact grazing permit/lease compensation legislation.

How to Retire Your Federal Grazing Permit or Lease for Compensation • A Primer for Federal Grazing Permittees and Lessees